East Kilbride

Spice of Life East Kilbride

Intimate luxury in the Village

Reception Room and Piano Bar

The two best places to be, your home and our home.

Welcome to our home.

When entering the Spice Cuisine Restaurant Reception Room and Piano Bar, the first thing that you will see is the beautiful baby grand piano sitting cosily in the corner of the room, and with that you know that this restaurant is something different, something special, something awesome. This feeling is enhanced when you come fully into the room and glimpse the beautiful spheres of silken filigree lights which illuminate and, with the room-dividing modern open fire, highlight the intimate and chocolate-rich nature of this beautiful space.

This is a room in which you can sit comfortably, safe in the knowledge that there is no hurry, no stress, and that your comfort is the only thing that really matters.

Relax before your meal, or just come and listen to the music. Feel the stress just melt away.

No matter what your pleasure. You are welcome. Always.


Carrying on the intimacy from the Piano Bar you are welcomed into the darkly lit comfort of the restaurant. Surrounded by the susurration of gentle conversation and the welcoming sound of cutlery on good china, this is where you will dine and be made welcome, as an honoured guest in our home.

Relax, eat, enjoy. You are welcome. Always.